Over the past decade, AJ has amassed vast tech marketing experience as a serial entrepreneur and growth hacker. While still in college, he founded Alumnify, a database aimed at helping college graduates build stronger connections with their Alma Mater’s alumni networks. After gaining acceptance into the prestigious 500 startups, AJ discovered his talent for working alongside entrepreneurs and guiding them to stronger growth strategies.  From there, AJ has started several companies, including his current venture, Verma Media, a consulting company focused on implementing effective content, media, and SEO strategies to help organizations, big and small, achieve growth.

As a featured writer for Inc, Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Next Web, and The Huffington Post, AJ has written over 1,000 articles on growth strategies and tech; his articles often highlight how highlighting businesses can expand their revenues by adapting new strategies and understanding how emerging technologies can support their operations. . If you’re interested in learning more, you can reach out here.

When it comes to growth, there are no shortcuts. Growth requires striking a balance between leveraging granular data insights and telling compelling brand stories across digital platforms. While many organizations simply think of growth in terms of quantity, AJ understands that there is more to growth than just cold, hard numbers. Achieving growth is the result of  building and cultivating relationships with customers; those relationships may be hard to quantify in the short run, but for companies looking for longevity, they are the keys to success.

As a serial entrepreneur, growth marketer, and writer, my goal has always been to find and tell stories that resonate with real individuals. If you’re ready to tell real stories, build relationships, enhance your web presences, and, ultimately, grow your business, please contact me today for an initial consultation.