It’s rare to find someone who knows how to connect with an audience in a meaningful way. These days, everyone in growth hacking is only concerned with big data and metrics; many aren’t thinking about how consumers actually want to connect with brands. When I started working with AJ, I was able to do more than just increase my click and conversion metrics, I was able to forge relationships with lifelong fans.

What first drew me to AJ was his conviction that storytelling was just as important as growth hacking strategies and data metrics. AJ taught me that brands have to tell stories that resonate with audiences, otherwise their overarching marketing efforts are essentially worthless. AJ helped me determine the purpose of my brand, which ultimately enabled me to better position my company in the market and connect with consumers.

AJ is a relentless worker. When I first hired him to help with our site’s SEO and visibility, our initial goal was to increase organic search by 30%. AJ tackled the challenge head-on, and in just one week, our traffic had grown 10X and surpassed our original goal. Even with the success of the project, AJ never stopped working to find new ways to enhance our organic visibility.