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For AJ, growth is the name of the game. As a marketer with experience in growing Fortune 500 brands and launching personal ventures, AJ has learned the art of growth marketing. No company, regardless of industry or years in the market, can expect to survive in the long-run without adapting to new technologies and shifting consumers’ behaviors. AJ find ways to help brands tackle changes in stride so that they can grow with consumers and, ultimately, expand their digital identities. In his spare time, AJ is a writer for Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, and the Huffington Post. As a write, AJ focuses on exploring startup success stories, offering real-world insights on growth marketing, and asking provoking questions about the current state of tech. Contact AJ today to learn how he will grow your brand to the next level.

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After working with numerous consultants in the past, none have been able to provide the same results as AJ. His knack for finding our audience and getting them to connect with our story and brand is unparalleled. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a spark in their business’s growth.

In the world of entrepreneurship, no one is going to understand the love and dedication you have for your business as much as you do. However, as a fellow entrepreneur, AJ didn’t just get it, but had a passion for helping my business grow tenfold. His natural tenacity for marketing and expansion was unmatched. It was almost like having a second CEO.

If there’s one thing AJ knows well, it’s getting a solid ROI on our digital marketing efforts. AJ has helped us take Studypool from when we first launched to now being a recognizable force on every college campus. The guy knows how to reach massive audiences, and is a master of growth.

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